12 Old Testament, 6 New Testament, and 3 General Books (123 lessons)
The Good News Club Curriculum The Good News Club 2012-2017 curriculum cycle — targeted at public school children from pre-school to age 12 — will span 20 lesson books and 118 lessons lasting 60-90 minutes.  Beginning this fall, U.S. students will be introduced to lessons about Elijah and Elisha.*  The most recent Good News Club literature cycle, completed spring 2011, placed a heavy emphasis on sin (~5000 mentions), obedience (>1000 mentions), punishment (~1000 mentions), and hell (>250 allusions, including 52 direct uses of the word “Hell”). Children are told, in very personal terms, that they are sinful, wicked, deceitful, and deserving of punishment, death, and an eternity of suffering in hell. The links below guide you to reviews of 30 Good News Club lessons from 5 lesson books: Elijah: Prophet of the Living God (Fall 2012) Elisha: Prophet of the Faithful God (Fall 2012) Daniel: Strong in the Lord (Spring 2013) The First Christians (Fall 2011) David: A Man After God’s Heart (Fall 2011)  The “Thematic Frequency” chart like the one to the left tallies the number of times that the root words, or their derivatives, “obey,” “sin,” and “punish” appear.    Also, the “Dark Heart” count provides a rough tally of the number of personalized attacks on the child’s character — e.g., “you were born with a sinful heart,” “you sin when...” and even “you deserve death...” — all calculated to abase a child and rob the child of his or her innocence and self-esteem.  Also tallied are the number of allusions to, including direct uses of the word, “hell.”  Selectable thumbnails of imaged snapshots of the GNC curriculum text — like the one to the right — prove the veracity of the allegations made and provide the public with the opportunity to view some of the Good News Club’s stunning statements in a more complete — but no less shocking — context.  Portions of these snapshots are also highlighted with orange, pink, red, purple, and green, representing the themes of hell, shame, sin, punishment, and obedience, respectively. *Note: In the rest of the world, the Good News Club literature cycle lags behind the U.S.’s by one year.
An Investigation of the Dark Gospel of Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Clubs 11 OT, 7 NT, 2 General Lesson Books Frequency of words and/or themes of obedience, sin, shame (character attacks on the child), punishment, and hell
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You deserve to go to hell if you complain about your food or slam your bedroom door
Dark Heart Excerpt from Lesson 5 of Moses: The Lawgiver  (click on thumbnail above to see enlarged image)
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