An Investigation of the Dark Gospel of Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Clubs
CEF’s nearly 5000 American Good News Clubs (including over 3500 public school clubs) represent a small fraction of CEF’s ministry.  CEF’s international ministry began early — in 1939 — with Mr. Overholtzer traveling to Latin America and establishing organizations in Mexico and Brazil.  CEF participated in the rapid growth of evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity through much of the Southern Hemisphere.  Today, CEF’s international presence reaches 180 of the world’s 208 countries.  Also, in 2009, CEF spent $5.3 million internationally, compared to $823,000 locally. For 2011, CEF reported reaching over 12 million children worldwide through various ministries, including over 1 million children in Brazil alone.  Globally, there are also 42,000 Good News Clubs, reportedly a 27% increase over 2010, liking reaching 1-2 million children each year.  The Good News Club is, according to President Reese Kaufmann, CEF’s “primary focus” and “fastest-growing part of the ministry.” Today, CEF’s ministry now contributes to budding theocracies in the Southern Hemisphere.  The 2012 edition of Norman Rohrer’s The Indomitable Mr. O, includes a photo section boasting that “[s]everal countries of the world have adopted CEF materials taught by trained CEF workers as curriculum for mandatory religion classes in their schools.”
Global Reach of the Good News Club CEF evangelizes over 12 million children worldwide a year
CEF's theocratic outreach
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