The organizing focus of Good News Club’s lesson materials is a scripted version of the so- called “Wordless Book.” All five color-coded concepts relate to sin Gold represents Heaven, a place where sin “can never be.”  Black represents original sin and the punishment — death — that God “must” impose on it.  Red represents the Christ’s blood, which God required as payment for sin White represents Christ’s righteousness imputed to people who follow the “ABCs” of salvation: Admit” that they are “sinners” who cannot save themselves, Believe” that Jesus died to take the punishment for their sin, and Choose” to receive Jesus as Savior, “knowing He will forgive your sins and make you His child.” Green “helps the newly-saved child to understand how to deal with his sin by confessing it to God, and how he can begin to grow in his new life as God’s child.”  See CEF’s “Wordless Book” Bookmark PDF; Wordless Book Teaching Guide. Good News Club breaks up each Bible story into multiple sections, in between each of which at least one color-coded theme of the Wordless Book is inserted.  Bible stories that have nothing to do with this gospel formula are modified to incorporate these themes.  (See examples from the “Curriculum” section of this website).
An Investigation of the Dark Gospel of Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Clubs
The Dark Gospel of the “Wordless Book”      The sin-fixated centerpiece of every Good News Club bible story
Gold Page Heaven Has No Sin
White Page Be Cleansed from Sin
Green Page Grow: Confess Your Sins
“CEF Bible lesson series offer a systematic approach to Bible teaching.” 659 Word Script for the Wordless Book  Sin-19   Punish-4  Hell-1 CEF’s website, 7/6/12
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